Our name, Firetender, is meant to pay honor to the Algonquians, the indigenous tribe who made this patch of earth their home. The Algonquians began every day the same way: with a Sunrise Ceremony to greet the dawn. The centerpiece of that ceremony was a fire — the taller, the better, so as to extend their ritual offering to the light. And the one who created and stoked that roaring, leaping fire? The tribe’s designated Firetender.

In that same spirit, we have built our restaurant around a flame. We acknowledge the elemental and enduring power of fire, and celebrate it.

The beating heart of our kitchen is our custom-built stone oven, sourced from one of the premier makers of Italian pizza ovens in the country, Marra Forni, and adorned with the word that best describes what it’s like to cook with it — and that we hope you experience when you sit down with friends and family to eat with us: JOY.

We could go on all day extolling our stone oven’s many virtues, but will just say that we love it most of all for the bubbled surfaces and gentle char it brings, and that give our pizzas their rustic character.

Craig Rednman
Chairs and Table

The best table in town

For reservations, please find us on Open Table, or feel free to call our host directly: (252) 262-6112.

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In Room & To-go

Join Un in our newly renovated dining room, or grab a bite to go we have all your dining options in Manteo

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Lively Libations

Weeping Radish craft beers, killer cocktails, & (coming soon) a rollicking beer garden.

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